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Promoting a good life


“Children are more likely to live in poverty than adults. They’re also more vulnerable to its effects.” UNICEF Some 736 million people still live in extreme poverty, these include children.

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Families and individuals need to sustain themselves.
Our programme gives women a chance to achieve their potential and carry along their families and communities.

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We inspire community engagement and service because we believe that change is a fundamental part of growth and effective change must come from within individuals and groups.

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Who we are

Every campaign counts

Every dollar raised can help make a huge difference in the lives of dozens of. No gift is too small. A donation of $25 can  buy school bags; $100 dollars can buy school uniforms; $500 buys a number of seedlings to start a kitchen garden for a  family for feeding on as well as for livelihood.

Where It All Began

Since my childhood, I have always felt good about helping others in need.
Feelings of compassion, humanity and a sense of appreciation awakens when we help and give to others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

All people matter

Betty Lumu Foundation works with partners to develop and implement programmes that create educational opportunity, better health services, women’s empowerment, poverty relief and livelihood, and motivate and inspire economic and community development, and better environment.

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